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Default Re: New here - with TONS of questions about what Hookah to buy....

boy did you come to the right place. HP members will start guiding you with their experiences and preferences. Then you could search through the product review section, and finally, you can go to the vendors review section.

You will prbably have 2 more responses before I finish typing. Egytian Hookahs are great, name brand in this industry means quality, like MZ or KM. There are no name Egytpians that are good or bad but if you stick with thoise two, you'll be safe. Going on to your other sections, most members here like to upgrade the hose to a Razon since it's wide, gives a nice big draw and is washable. KM also has a great hose with simlar features but isn't "washable". I have to run to work as I could go on for awhile but you did come to the right place and will get your answers shortly.
Good luck
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