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Default Re: New here - with TONS of questions about what Hookah to buy....

I have a few non brand egyptians. I got them because they were full brass traditional chambers. I got them from hookah shops and a middle eastern produce market lol...i dont think id buy a non brand online ever again, only because sites dont know what metal its made of, they never list the weight, they never show what kind of chamber it is, and in general i need to see / feel it in person before i can buy it.

besides KM, if youre on a tighter budget, magdy zidan makes good hookahs (MZ) for a more reasonable price. They are very similar in construction and use practically the same metals.

i'd get any hookah you like, that has a traditional chamber (no open heart). I'd personally stay away from myas.

I would get a washable hose (razan or nammor hose) and a km hose if you like smoking one flavor a lot more than others (not washable so it will flavor stain with that one flavor). the non washable hoses have a metal coil that rusts eventually and pieces of rust will shoot through the hose and into your mouth...

I'd imagine the only heavy metal intake is from the foil, or copper if you happen to buy a copper hookah (which i think is pretty rare). I don't think stainless steel or brass leech. Also it depends on what kind of coals you use, the quicklight coals seem to have more accelerants and anything that ashes yellow has sulphur in it.

Height 22-26 is a good size. people will say size matters but from my personal experiences, my little 15" hookah smokes practically the same as my biggest ones.

I have ice chambers, but the tobacco i smoke is very sensitive to the cold (Tangiers tobacco) so I never really use them. The only way they are effective is if you put salt in them, however the salt will corrode your metal. Even without the salt, its fun once in a while I guess.
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