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Default Re: New here - with TONS of questions about what Hookah to buy....

Well.... having it narrowed down to a KM, MZ or a quality Syrian, I'd say you couldnt go wrong any which way there. I dont own a KM myself, but Ive seen em...and compared to an MZ....I think they are both on the same level as for quality. as for as those two brands... its pretty much what you think is "sexy" to you.

Non-Brand Egyptians have a wide spectrum of quality levels... but for the most part, they use the same materials and methods of making them...they just have a bit sloppier soldering and usually not as brilliant of a polish job. far as Syrians... those have just as much of a quality variance as Egyptians. There are a few that stand out tho. I've been a Syrian guy from the start. What I will tell you is that there are Syrians out there that I feel are the absolute best nargiles in the field. Those type will have the following features:

1. Cast Stem parts.
2. A "Sleeved" stem. This is a stem where the stem that goes down into the water runs all the way up to the bowl seat. 1 continuous section of tubing.
3. A closed heart. Meaning that each port of the hookah is sealed off from the others. There should not be a space in the stem where the smoke goes in and is then shared by hose ports and the purge valve. If you pull the stem off and look where the downstem comes out...and you see 4 holes.... its a dead giveaway that its an "open heart"

Strangely enough... I have yet to see any Syrian glass that is sub par I dont think you have much to worry about there..... some of it is absolutley great.

Now, comparing Egyptians to Syrians as for how they smoke....... theres a slight difference. Egyptian core tubing is generally wider than Syrians...they make a blug,blug.blug sort of sound and the smoke bubbles are a bit bigger due to the size of the tubing. Syrians have a smaller diameter tubing....which makes for a slightly more restricted feel when taking a pull.

One line I really like that is Syrian is the Al Nawras brand...they make a very wide range of styles... but...I prefer to handpick em myself cuz some of em have some gnarly soldering or blemished part.

Egyptians seem to come with longer downstems... so you dont fill the vase up as much...leaving a larger airpace for smoke. Most of the Syrians Ive owned, the waterline is around an inch or so below the neck of the vase.

I prefer a single hose hookah..... I dont even use my multi hosers when company comes over. Personally it wasnt worth the hassle of someone else "checking" the other hose while the other smokes.....and the auto seal feature on my other multihose is really restrictive..... like tryin to smoke through a coffee stir.

I personally like my height to be between 26 and 30". I think it gets things cool enough without the taste dropping off like I have found some of my giants do. I say... I dont think you can screw up with your line of thinking.
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