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Default Re: romman tobacco??

Originally Posted by blckngld760 View Post
what do you guys think about romman??i have been wanting to try them but i dont know. i have read the reviews on them on this site and they dont seem to be that good. i dont mind paying $5 for 50 grams because there is only 1 smoke shop in a 60 mile radius of where i live and thats how much i pay for 50 grams of AF.
Pal, how long have you been a member here? Part of the benefits of being an HP member is that you'll never have to pay prices like that. Unless you're outside the US then you should be getting whatever you want whenever you want. Ask around, you'll start getting more for your money right away, somebody please help this pur soul (unless that' the going price for romman, i never checked)
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