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Default Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

Hello all,

There isn't a Hookah Lounge near me and I have an associate that has serious money to do this.
I found a spot near the local university for a Hookah Lounge in NorCal. I have been to about 3 lounges that are about an hour away in each direction and they all seen to be busy. Their style are pretty much the same though and I really didn't find them very kool to hang at.

I was hoping you guys and gals on here could help me out with your opinions or preferences.

I want to go to Cloud 9, but they are like 2-3 hours from me. Their place looks pretty cool though and I like the art stuff they are doing.

What do you look for in a Hookha Lounge?....Do you look for authentic athmospher or more modern? Floor seatings, booths, or table/chair?
What kind of music? TV's?
Food/Food or Snack Food? Appetizers?
Tea/Coffee/Energy Drinks/Sodas/ that enough? or too much?
Surroundings......Light and airy or Dark and cozy?

I just want a GREAT place, so I can be successful.

What works or don't if you are a lounge owner.

Please be serious!!

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