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Default Re: Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

There have been many threads about the specific matter and all end up in the same way. 1st of all you are going to hear one hundred different opinions about what to server, food drinks, authentic or modern, and what brands to carry.

People on the forums own and run their lounges and all tell you the same things. [LIST][*]It aint as profitable as it sounds[*]You need to have more than $50k to start off[*] Enough money to keep it running at loss for (at least one year.)[*]Enough time, as you need to be constantly there for atleast the first year.[/LIST]Thats what i've heard here on the forums and people who hade their go at this buissiness will tell you they are true.

As for what people looks for in such place wont help much as it depends on what people are in the area and what people do you want your buissiness to attract.

Personally (am one of the youngest members here) but i'd still hate the place if it had RAP/ HARD ROCK music playing. I smoke their (middle easterns) devices, I respect their culture. I'd love to go to a place with low middle eastern music or something along the lines of "Buddha Bar" ( ) which is more hindu.
As for alcohol, am not a big fan of smoking while drinking and vice versa. Plus, the last think you'd want to deal with in your lounge is drunk people.

Cheers. I hope i've been helpful
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