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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
The Apple, is it true apple or Anise/licorice apple? I have been on the lookout for a true apple and have yet to find it. And so far I prefer the Romman Orange to any other I have had, how does it compare? Thanks

Its a true Apple. Al Amir Apple is fantastic. They have a double (Anise) and a Tripple (Anise/Cherry). They also have a Bahrani Apple, although I have never tried the Bahrani. But Al Amir Apple is a must in anyones household I think.

Never had anything from Romman, I think its a waist of money. However, Al Amir Orange is one of my all time favs.

I don't get why people hate so hard on Al Amir. People claim there isn't enough flavor from it, but to be honest here, I get more flavor out of some of the Al Amir than Layalina and AF. I guess it all depends on each individual flavor and then brand. Alot of people told me Layalina is PACKED with flavor, so I started smoking that and carrying it as well...however, I was disappointed. Flavor isnt in your face or anything, its just as mellow, if not more, than Al Amir.

Here are some must haves from Al Amir:

These I have found to be all VERY good most of the time. I would at Strawberry, but its too inconsistent.

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