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Yes Hajo, all Arab are genuinely easy going and are eager to please. To them, business is more about Friendship than the money. I think I can claim that as well; I get it from my father. He came to the US with absolutely nothing. He now owns 4 liquor stores, 5 tobacco stores, 2 shopping centers, and several pieces of land that are worth several times what he bought them for (bought them several years ago)

One of my professors told me something once, and I never forgot it: You never know how to make it to the top, until you work your way up from the bottom.

I believe this is the mind set of almost all foreigners in the US. With that said, like I said, most arabs are in business, yes, to make money but also to make life time friends. Next time any of you go to a convenience store, gas station, etc., stop and talk to the clerk (most likely foreign; arab) and have a conversation with them. Not to be for or against anyone, including myself, but arab are some of the best people in the world
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