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Default Re: Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

I was just at a Hookah Bar/Lounge by me (right by NYC) and had a really good time. It's run by some Arabic guys that IMHO have captured the true essence of hookah and put it into a very chill place. The lights are low, flat screen tvs all around, comfy sofas and chairs, some low tables with candles on them, and then there is a full service bar towards the front for those that choose to drink. The crowd was very good too, no knuckleheads and coming from N. NJ - that's tough to find. At about 11 a DJ came in and played house music which I don't mind, but it made the place more of a bar than a hookah lounge. Until 11 when the music changed and the crowd got a little younger, it was definitely a good scene and a spot where I wouldn't mind taking a girl on a first date or just having a sesh with some buddies. Nonetheless, great idea and if executed properly and in a good locale, I think it could be quite an investment.

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