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Default Re: MYA furthers Micro Hookah line

Well I understand that Mya is often seen as an entry level rig but the problem is that it doesn't do a very good at filling that role. Setting a side the mini rigs that frankly simply can never be good is the fact that mya has really serious quality control problems with not just with glass but crooked down tubes and stems that are prone to rust and tough to clean. To be fair, these problems seem to have been much less common a couple of years ago and so they may go away sometime soon.

Also, given that mya has gotten years of hype they frequently demand top dollar prices and frequently they are more expensive then nice, if unexceptional, Egyptian narghiles one can get from numerous online retailers for less then most myas so they simply are not a bargain. I suppose that the truth is that since myas and mya nock offs have totally flooded the market plenty of people won't do any comparison shopping but simply buy what is most common and gaudy.

Even if the quality control problems were non-existent I wouldn't buy a Chinese rig because I have a problem with supporting slave labour with my disposable income.
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