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Default Re: Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

My favorite hookah bar is kinda dim and modern looking. It has a bunch of black couches and some tables and chairs. Some chill art on the walls. I like the idea of TV's. It has one and I think there should be a couple more. A sweet patio where people can smoke is a great idea imo. I would keep the drink choices low. I don't know about smoothies just because the blender would be loud. Other than that, I'd just creat a really chill environment where people will feel welcome. I also think customer service is huge! Theres a somewhat nice hookah bar near me that I hate after going once just because the guys who run it are dicks! If you are really nice and cool to customers it goes a long way! I now tell people never to go to casbah in austin because I don't like how the people who work there act! On the other hand, at my fave bar, the owner is a super chill guy who is always nice and jokes around with people.
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