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Default Re: Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

Originally Posted by mada12589 View Post
My local bar makes fresh smoothies and i never hear the blender. I guess they in a back room or in the room where they prepare the hookahs. They seem to be a really popular drink so i would recommend them if you can keep the noise down.
With teas/coffees i would sell them by the cup and by the *** as well. Have a few nice metal or ceramic medium sized pots and serve the tea with those obnoxiously tiny cups that middle eastern places always seem to use.

usually they look like this:

the little cup makes people feel like they got more tea than they did, and adds a cool vibe.
Thank you soo much for input. I really like those glasses.
I have been doing some research and I read all of the threads on this forum like this one. I thank all of you for your input and I hope I can keep asking your opinions about other aspects.

I am truely going to open a hookah lounge I am just trying to make it the best I can. I have lots of customer service,restaurant, and bar experience. I am still learning hookah techniques, but I have gained alot of experience lately and through daily experiments am learning more every day.

Thanks again!!!
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