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Default AF change the cut of their tobacco?

I have smoked 3 different flavors from the new batch of Al Fahker and it looks like they have changed the cut of their tobacco. I have smoked Berry, Pipe and Peach and the cut of the tobacco is alot smaller thanI remember. There is alot of juice in AF and with the smaller cut it gives it a mushy consistency that clogs the bowl holes. It reminds me a little of the cut of Potion, but not swimming in as much juice as Potion is. Each of the 2 flavors I smoked out of an Egyptian clay bowl wouldn't smoke right due to the holes clogging. It is disappointing to me that such a nice solid smoke has to change. I'm not always in the mood for a funnel bowl pack, as it's a bit much for a solo session. Anyone else notice this?
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