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Default Re: So I'm still waiting for my hookah

Sigh, well here's an update.

On Wednesday the 11/6 I got a letter from customs saying they were holding my parcel (as I had expected) pending me paying the customs duty (Which was a depressingly huge mistake that I don't want to talk about - first international order). I did that immediately on Wed 11/6 at lunch. I call on Thursday afternoon after coming home from work with no parcel and no 'come to the post office and pick up your box of stuff' card. I proceed to get irritated.

I speak to customs and the blameless bloke was kind enough to inform me that my package (as of Thursday NIGHT) was waiting to be sent on FRIDAY MORNING (13/6) by normal mail...So I'll get my box on Monday afternoon. Monday the 16/6. My order arrived in Australia 2 whole weeks ago, gah.

I leave for my snow job on Wednesday, this weekend I'm having my going away bash, which I really wanted my new hookah for. Instead, I don't even get a chance to break it in with my mates before packing up and leaving for 3 months.

Not a good experience. Oh well - lessons learned by the dozen in this ordeal. Besides taking 2 days to ship my order out (which I'm not stoked about because I did pay for express shipping - but whatever, it's only because a day earlier might have maybe meant I'd have it for the weekend), had my goods in the country 3 days after they dropped 'em in the mail, so I can't be displeased with that. I've now just gotta wait and enjoy my last weekend for a while without my new rig, which my mates were all dying to give a workout as well.

If my order gets here and is broken/incomplete, I think I'm seriously going to explode in a big ball of rage.

/rant off. It's Friday afternoon and beer o'clock is rapidly approaching..Time to unwind..where's my hookah? Ohhhhh...vicious cycle
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