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Default Re: You MUST BE "18+" to be a Member here!

Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
Although that is a good idea, it isn't necessarily the best idea. no matter what age you are going to have that immature rulebreaker. Sure it ends at a certain extent, but its still gonna happen, especially with people that are about to hit the age they have a lot more freedom. People nowadays are ignorant and unresponsive to set rules and theres no avoiding it unfortunately
It's not even an idea, it is what it is. People will obviously do whatever the hell they want and there is no stopping them. My whole point is that there are rules that need to be followed. Most people will, and there will be a few that won't. My message to the few that won't is, do what you feel you have to do, just keep in mind you can and are doing more harm to yourself and the community than you might realize. And if you still feel the need to be part of something that you technically can't be a part of yet, keep yourself on the down low and off the radar until your time comes. The last thing anybody wants is a problem and I don't think anybody wants to give Sambooka any problems. He's a cool guy and I personally appreciate all his efforts in respect to the board and would not want to see him compromised legally in any which way or form. Peace

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