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Default Re: You MUST BE "18+" to be a Member here!

I see your point but this forum runs on a United States Server and is subject to US Law. Sambooka would have to go to a US court to defend his actions and I dont think the judge will side with any international laws. Besides, its too much to ask Sambooka and the mods to do ALL the research for EVERY country's smoking policy so he can write multiple lines of code to ensure compliance with the registration process. Its just not gonna happen. Servers are on US soil and subject to US law, enough said. We dont have to agree with it or like it but we have to abide by it.

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
hi sam,
I agree with this forum rule, but dont you think it is okay to allow international users with 16+ (when its allowed in their country) to stay here? I dont think, that the US controls are that strict, that they ban international U18's in the internet, if they talk about smoking? i mean, we are not in a hookah bar, where we are smoking - we are just talking about smoking and this isnt banned?!

otherwise i think the ban for younger folks is okay. in our german Shisha Forum, there are users, who are 12, 13 or 14 years old and they dont write in an adequate style. to ban users like them would be reasonable, but users who act like "adults" should be allowed to be a part of communities like this.
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