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Default Re: thick heavy foggy clouds facor !!

I have no clue :S
yep it's a single hose

wait I just realize , Im using the cheap hookah here , I bought after I broke like 2-3 good hookahs b4 lol
I smoke my KM when Im back at home , but my sister smoked on this shit with me when she last came visiting and it was giving a good clouds still . It's like I only get the good thick clouds after someone smokes it with me even when I empty the air flow . maybe this hookah just likes the company ,and doesnt like the lonetic smokers lol

hey Im smoking now same (hose, hookah, tobacco) but i put more amount of tobacco and 2 layers of foil it started to get good clouds out of it , with a help of pcserve , still not as i wanted tho

is there any tricks/tips would help on the heavy clouds thingie
maybe Im missing something , a secrete

dammmiiit , it's not working well
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