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Originally Posted by skiflow View Post
i think it is probably because i dont smoke as much as you all do here. i just need to get my body acclimated to smoking i think. maybe i should smoke a TON and get a really bad headache and get sick and then maybe it wont happen again. i dont want to do that though haha.
Yea I wouldn't try to smoke a ton of it. If you never smoked anything besides a hookah it's probably just your adjustment phase were your not used to smoking. I had this when I used to smoke cigarettes in the beginning I had headaches all the time to the point were I had to take advil and then just lie down for an hour to fell better. But you can try and do what everyone else said, new coals, shisa (Nakhla Lemon gives me the biggest headache when I pack it alone), or even a hookah. My suggestion is, don't be the starter of the hookah were you have to take huge breathes to get it started. And don't take big breathes, take smaller breathes that helped me when I start to get a headache.
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