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Default Re: Aluminum Foil sides

Originally Posted by pswami View Post
So I actually never heard about this before joining this forum; why do people say to put the shiny side of the foil down? There is no difference in manufacturing. The sheets get made in pairs, and get stacked as they go through the flattener. So, the side of the foil to touch the flattener gets shiny, the other side is dull. There's no chemical difference.

So am I missing something when everyone says to put the shiny side down? Or is it just superstition/people not knowing how these things are made?
its because people dont understand physics and metallurgy. if you were using a light or heat lamp but is direct heat through induction. heat being reflected back, not we arent talking about waves of any kind to be reflected.

some people argue over and over about it but seriously it is illogical when you really look at it and understand what is happening.

the amount if there is a difference should be so minimal you wont notice it
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