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Default Diving Into Hookah World

Well, it finally happened! My 32" Egyptian came in the mail, and I knew exactly what to do from setup to clean up, thanks to everyones advice (esp Sambooka and his vids)! I was thinking of breaking this into multiple posts but I'll leave it as one and anyone can answer any portion that they like....

1. I was smoking Soex Herbal and got a wicked wicked headache about 15 minutes later.. is this normal for herbal? I smoke cigarettes from time to time and don't ever feel anything like this.

2. My quick lights only lasted about 50-60 minutes.. is this a normal duration for quicklight coals or would I need to go natural for a longer, slower burn?

3. Everyone here vivdly discusses flavors of the tobaccos, etc. I smoked a bowl of Soex Double Apple and a Bowl of Soex Mango, and found that the flavor of the smoke was nearly identical. Is this the case wtih the non herbal tobacco?
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