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Default Re: Diving Into Hookah World

he cant self promote, but I can tell you that John at ******* Hookah is AWESOME. Ditch the Soex and grab yourself some good Al Fakher. I used to smoke upwards of a pack and a half a day, now with a few sessions a week, I dont crave cigs as much (and when I do have one, they taste gross to me :P)

and to add a little

The problem with Starbuzz is that they do not offer 50G packages like AF and most other shishas, so if you dont like a flavor, you are stuck with $18 (give or take) worth of stuff you dont like...

that being said though, most SB flavors are good. I used to really like SB but now I am moving more towards AF because of how awesome/cheap it is. Plus they are releasing flavors all the time (well it seems like that as of lately :P)

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