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Default Re: Is the Al Fakher Ketchup still going around?

ok, I finally heard back from my af rep about the bad af grape.

Let me first start off by saying, I have the utmost respect for my af distributor. out of all the companies that i do business with, he is probably the most professional and i always enjoy talking to him about al fakher and hookah hookah.

Now, I called him to let him know i had a customer complain that they received their af grape and it tasted like ketchup and was really rancid, the shisha was so bad that he threw it away. plus it wasn't expired, it was just made 6 months ago.
I asked my dist. if he has heard about this before and why the grape would taste like this.

his reply is that he had heard about this a couple times, but it was only from people who were on the forums. he said that it was a rumor going around the forums. He said he personally talked to a couple different customers about this and had them send the "ketchup" grape to him for inspection. once he received it he sent it back to the factory for tests and everything came back normal, it tasted exactly how it was supposed to. He thinks that all this was a rumor started by one of their competitors to hurt their image. af grape is their number one selling flavor the competition wants to see its sales decrease.
i personally haven't experienced the ketchup grape yet, (i really hope i never do) i have had the good grape and it was very good. this is something that af needs to fix. if customers are saying the consistency of the grape is always different then it has to be true.
I think it is going to take a few more complaints and more bad samples sent back for them to investigate into whats happening with the flavor. af is still at the point where they dont know if its true or all just rumors going around the forums.

but this was the answer i got when i asked about the bad grape, i wish the response wasn't more helpful as to why the grape is going bad or tasting like ketchup.
if anyone receives the ketchup grape, immediately contact who you bought it from and have them contact their distributor.
if this is going to be an issue with the grape then we will stop carrying it, we cant knowingly sell something that may end up making a customer sick or give them a terrible headache.
af is a good brand and a good company overall, im hoping they will do something about the issues with the grape.

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