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Default Re: I think I am ready.

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
Lol he pulled some magic tricks dunk. Well I hope your sesh with Tang's and phunnel bowl will be a enjoyable one. Let us know how it went.
Essentially... ya I did. I did some work for them when they were building the website. Just data entry. At first he wanted to send a few people some samples but I did more work for them than anyone and then there was a big delay because of a stolen wallet. So in the end for my work and patience he sent me 21 50g samples of fusion, one hookah freak 100g and some coal samples.

Helping people out pays off lol.

Blckngld760, you don't need the funnel bowl but

A) the flavors in the lucid line are still limited and many of the tangiers flavors sound amazing.
B) the funnel is a great bowl regardless of whether or not you are smoking tangiers. Long sessions, longer flavor and easier cleanup.
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