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Default Re: Hookah Lounge research......Opinions please!

I have been to hookah lounges in about 6 different states and 2 countries. The latest ones I was at were in Vegas. I went to 3 different ones there and found one common thing I absolutely HATE ! The snap/latched covers. All lounges don't have experienced people setting up their hookahs. Even with a "not so good" set-up, having the ability (and tongs) to make some adjustments , can provide the customer (if knowledgable) a way of improving the "experience."

I also don't like that most lounges don't tell you (nor do the folks working there know) what brand of Shisha they are serving. Having experience, I might select a flavor/brand which doesn't top my list, but with which I KNOW I'm going to get ALOT of whatever flavor it is, and good clouds.

Serving alcohol/food can be a pain, but I think it would be worth the additional headaches to have the added revenue streams. In all the hookah lounges I've been to, I've only had ONE experience where an "over-served" customer caused problems. I'm sure owners though have seen problems MANY more times. And as JUNO is a lounge !
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