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Default Re: Khansar Ma'sal Samples

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Normally the Khansar brand is pretty dry but I've gotten it fresh enough that it can pretty much be set up and smoked like normal shisha.

As to being old fashioned tasting it has no fruit flavoring and about 80% of the flavour comes from the tobaccos. The body is medium to heavy and it has no glycerine. Both have a fair amount of mocha/coffee/toffee tones and the spices are kind of off in the background. Both are tobamels (honey is the agglutinant rather then molasses ) and you can clearly taste the honey although it's not strong.

The name comes from a city in Iran that is a famous tobacco production center.

I can't imagine it being sold in the states due to sanctions, constant threat of war and basically it's just a regional brand so they don't make the stuff in 100 ton batches.
I've got an Iranian friend who knows where to get this in dallas, tx for about 15 dollars (he has connections he won't mention) and he will be going there this week, bringing some back. I'm really excited!
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