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Default Re: PimpYourHookah order help

Originally Posted by vegloo View Post
hey i just got my hookah. i took it out of the box, everything seemed good but i saw the base was chipped in 2 different places and it didn't come with a bowl. Anyone who ordered from here before, not get a bowl too? thanks.
Well it came in yesterday. PYH threw in a base protector and a base and stem brush, but I don't like using the stem brush right now because it's shedding a lot of fibers. It was missing a bowl grommet and the hose grommet wasn't punched all the way through(it has a really small hole in the small end). It looks beautiful, but since it took three and a half weeks, i would expect that it would at least come with everything it needs.

I'm going to try to get back in touch with PYH, but I honestly don't think I'll be getting the stuff. I've only recieved one call back after five voicemail messages, four emails, and a PM on the site; and the only call back was a promise that wasn't kept about the mailing date on the hookah. I also tried the cell phone number that he posted on the site but whenever I called it I got a automated message saying that the number isn't taking calls.

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