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Default Re: Khansar Ma'sal Samples

Originally Posted by PhilipHand View Post
I've got an Iranian friend who knows where to get this in dallas, tx for about 15 dollars (he has connections he won't mention) and he will be going there this week, bringing some back. I'm really excited!
Couple of things. Khansar tobacco has 3 meanings: 1) It's the name of a leaf strain just like Ajamy or Connecticut Shade and as such it can used in anything from cigarettes and food to great ma'sal. 2) It's a product line made by a small Syrian company which made in or around Al-Hasakah 3) An Iranian made line of Jurak like products .

To the best of my knowledge the stuff isn't exported anywhere although I'd guess you can get it in Lebanon. In part it's because the Syrian firm (I don't know much about the Iranian company) is very small and in fact you can't even buy their products in Damascus. Of course like a lot of little companies they used old fashioned packaging which doesn't work to well sitting on ships and in wharehouses for months.

Maybe your friend has tombac made from Khansar leaves?

Anyway, I should be getting some of the Iranian made Jurak type stuff in soon and of course I'll be giving half of what I get away so as to spread the joy of traditional products.

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