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Default HOOKAH PARTY! my story

Well figured I would post this just cuz it has to do with general hookah stuff.
So yesterday afternoon I went to the local smoke supply store, just thinking of grabbing a few more flavors of shisha. when i get there I see they have a bunch of new hookahs, and still were opening boxes and stocking up on hookahs. so I decide on a few new flavors, and then look at the new hookahs, they were all mya's, real nice ones and one really stood out, it was a 2 and a half foot single hose with golden octogonal bohemian base. beautiful. so I bought it, and turns out they just got in diffusers too! so for $150 I got this beautiful mya, two different sized diffusers, all the accesories, 2 rolls of Golden 40mm quick lites, and 5 50gram boxes of al waha. pretty awesome, including the hookah came with a huge carrying case, that locks, really nice tongs, nice hose, cleaning brushes, and a small bowl (I wish It came with a bigger bowl, cuz an Al waha session with this small bowl looses flavor in about 45-50 minutes). But any way after pickin all that up I realised I had to go to work, as I was finishing up at work I got a message from a friend saying that His parents were out of town and he was having some people come over, and wanted to know if I could come. So I show up and I decided to setup my hookahs. had A great time cuz I just let everyone pick and choose there own flavors, and we would load a bowl of that. We ended up smoking from about 10 at night to close to 2 am. went through two rolls of golden quicklites lol.
Sometime through out that night I got named Shisha king, and made some funny ass videos of me giving egyptian kisses to all the hot chic's that were there, and also acting like I was middle eastern, explaining how to do smoke tricks haha. Im going to see if my friends can upload them to there comps, Also there will be pic's to come soon!
anyways just thought I would share a night in the life of Al the Shisha King.
also a review on the new hookah, and all the AW flavors we smoked will also be coming sometime this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.
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