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Default Re: Brass? Good, Bad, Indifferent

No such thing as a stainless steel hookah. Except the hobohookah that is.

I like brass because of the way it feels. It makes for s sturdy, heavy ornamental stem that Egyptian stems can't rival.

Also, the Syrians at CH have a wide gauge hose port hole, just like in a KM, which allows them to have the exact same pull as a KM, smooth and easy. They purge very well too.

Also, I prefer brass downstems because they last longer than steel ones. Steel ones rust after one single use (if water is trapped in it somewhere) and corrode quicker then brass.

If Stainless Steel hookahs were in fact Stainless Steel, then rusting would never be a problem. But since no steel in hookahs is galvanized, it's not stainless.
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