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Default Re: Happy Father's Day HP community!

Originally Posted by xsmokethisx View Post
Kinda the same as me, but my dad wasn't the best of inlfuences or the best of people.. He was put in prision when i was two, I got to spend every fathers day with him, till my mom moved us about 450 miles away.

Still in prision, at my age 19, the only way i get to talk to him is via pen and paper..

but i hope the rest of you father's and kids had a great day.

Remember, always stay in touch with your parents, you never know when they might be gone for good.
Agreed! My mom's current husband got 10 years or something like that for assault with a deadly weapon. Sad thing is he didn't even use the weapon, he got into a fight and it was in his cargo pant pocket and they bagged him. He was a nice guy too, would never stab anyone lol. All well I see my sisters and mom write him all the time and it is sad that he doesn't get to hang out with the family for fathers day. He may not be our biological father but he cares for us like one!

I called my dad today, but I got no pickup . I think it is for good reason though. The last time I talked to him was 2 days ago, and from what I could understand my stepmother had to get rushed to a hospital 2 hrs. away from where he resides. Rough times ahead for my father, but I will be there .
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