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Default Hookah Bars/Lounges

Im opening one soon (March) and I wanted to know when you guys go to a Hookah bar...

1) How many different brands do they have?

2) How many different flavors from each brand?

3) Quick lites or Naturals?

4) Egyptians or Myas?

5) Short or Tall?

6) Sofas, Booths, couches or more like tables and chairs?

In my area, there are no Hookah bars. Closest one is in downtown Houston (30 Mintue drive) There is a big market for it, and my father is supporting me all the way, so Im down. Looking to lease out between 2500-3500 Square feet. Im the type that, if im gonna do it, Im gonna do it big and Im gonna do it right.

Thanks in advanced.
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