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Default Re: Brass? Good, Bad, Indifferent

Originally Posted by FURsAKeN View Post
Brass corrodes, it creates vertigres (green to blue chalky build up) when it does. Only reason why most people haven't seen any signs of corrsion is because the protective plating/finish (typicaly electrolitic process) hasn't worn off yet. Some finishes and platings last longer then others.
Almost all metals corrode, granted there are some alloys and compositions that have yet to corrode (man made of course). Stainless Steel (CRES) is only has good as it grade, and scoop was very right about it. CRES from china and other low grade areas have a higher tendency to rust, only CRES that holds up to the beating is medical grade. But even those types have to be replaced every 15-20 years due to break down in its composition.
CRES can be machined and heat forged every nicely, only problem is medical grade costs and arm and leg, not to mention the fabrication side cost would go up due to its low ductility and resiliance. So the reason it is hard to find pure CRES is simply, cost effectiveness.
Galvanized Stainless Steel? Zen, seriously.. That zinc coating would really fuck someone up. Besides there is no point to Galvanize CRES, only Carbon Steels and other forms of Steel.
I stand corrected, I guess I am lucky enough to still have my finish on the brass. I know shit when it comes to metals.
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