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Default Re: PimpYourHookah order help

HOORAY! update:

I wish I could say I was currently smoking my new MZ as I type this, but it's the next best thing - it'll be here tomorrow!

I admittedly (and angrily) pestered Bilal with 3 or 4 voicemails at work, messages with the StarBuzz operator, and a few emails, but I did finally get to talk with him today. Honestly, I was getting very frustrated that simply no contact had been made. After speaking with him for a decent amount on the phone today, I can say firsthand that I would buy from PimpMyHookah again in a heartbeat. Maybe not immediately aha, but once he gets his troubles worked out, most definitely.

He was extremely nice and apologetic, and brutally honest and open with me. This being the first time I had spoken with him, I was very impressed with his willingness to share what was going on with basically a stranger. It is not my place to repeat his words, but he mentioned that he is by nature a very open person and would gladly speak to anyone about it. After learning the situation, I will plead on his behalf to those who have not received their orders or have begun to doubt his company, to wait just a little longer. He was going through the list of orders and calling anyone he hadn't talked to yet. He also mentioned that all orders placed have actually gone out already.

In fact, when I looked up the tracking number Bilal just gave me I found out my hookah is tied up with UPS - it was actually here 3 days ago, but somehow they didn't have my exact apt number. I called 2 seconds ago and they're delivering it first thing tomorrow!! mm smoke.

He hasn't been at the office in awhile, but he's straightening everything out now. While it may have been a wiser decision to put the business on hold, I have all the faith that he will make things right for those waiting.

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