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Default Re: Acclimation time

You know, as much as I have read about the pros of acclimation, I have never, ever, ever noticed a significant difference in smoke quality from tobacco that has been acclimated and tobacco that hasn't. I have tried acclimating for hours, overnight, a day, and not once did I think "wow, I got an awesome smoke from doing that". Even with Tangiers, it seemed basically the same to me both before and after being acclimated.

I also think once you start dissecting the hobby in various ways (acclimation, foil hole patterns, diffusers, exact placement of coals, etc, etc, etc) a lot of the pleasure is lost. It is very easy to get caught up in getting your machine to smoke perfect, and when it doesn't, frustration sets in because of the multitude of variables involved with the above techniques. When I smoked, I would just load up a bowl, punch a bunch of holes in the foil, slap on a 40mm Three Kings, and began to puff away. I'd also be willing to bet if you headed out to the Middle East, where the real hookah pros reside, and started talking about acclimation, foil hole patterns, and what not, they would probably think you were completely insane.

So no, I don't/didn't acclimate.
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