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Default Re: My shisha experiment

I just ran across this on the internet. I have not tried this, nor can I verify its success or failure. Just something I found interesting related to this topic. I have copied the posts in their entirety.

Here's an apple recipe I've used.


American Spirit Natural Rolling Tobacco
Red delicious apples
Molasses (light/mild)
Glycerine (yes glycerine) (buy a safe to digest kind, ie vegetable)
20% apples by weight
80% tobacco by weight


Cut the apples in 4ths and core them.
Throw them in a food processor if you have one, or just chop the hell out of them with a knife. You do not want an even consistency, or you'll have apple sauce. You just want pieces of apples that are finely cut.
Option: You may not want to cook the apples. I've found that it works better when I cook it, but others who have tried it just prefer to let the apples dry out or remove water through some kind of press or alternative means.
Throw the apple mixture into a medium saucepan and let it simmer till a good deal of moisture from the fruit is burned off. This part is somewhat subjective and you'll have to play around with it to get it right.
Let the mixture cool down. Add tobacco and 1 teaspon (per 3 apples is what I do) of molasses & glycerine each. The glycerine and molasses help for slow even burning.
If you want to add preservatives, do so at your own risk, I never bother since I usually smoke what I make that night or the night after, so there's no risk of it going bad.

From: Dave. 10 Jan 2007.

We actually did it, well kinda lol. This works, but you need to start it off. We used a very small amount of Mint shisha tobacco on the top, but once it has burnt off, our home made stuff works like a bomb :-D

TruFruit Bar 33g (A dried fruit bar produced in South Africa, mostly fruit with a little Sulpher Dioxide as a preservative)
Natural Un - Processed Tobacco (I got 800 grams for about R18-00 = $2-25) Have to cut it up lol
Vital Superior Grade Molasses (Dark)

We used your same receipe, 80% tobacco to 20% fruit mix with quite a generous helping of dark molasses. The mixture is very sticky, mixed it is a small fruit bag. put it this way, when you try and open the plastic bag, it rips cause of the stickyness. Not sure how else to explain it.

Another thing we did is made a mix with fresh apple (skinned and crushed quite fine, with a little crushed, fresh garden mint. Same quantities, 80% tobacco to 20 % fruit. used a little syrup with the molasses,works pretty well..

Try adding a peppermint sweet to the water specially if yor tobacco doesn't have much flavour.

We found out that wet tobacco doesn't work so well, so try remove or squeaze out as much liquid as you can.

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