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Default Re: Is the Al Fakher Ketchup still going around?

I know it's not you Johnathan, it's the distribuitor, and this is who this post id aimed at, i thank you for at least calling.

Ok well... Nobody is here to bash AF... Hell 90 %of the forum love af. I can show him a picture of the 10 tubs of AF that are nearly empty because I smoke them so much, and then this one tub that tastes like shit.

There is something WRONG WITH YOUR PRODUCT. Do not call me a liar in so many words. That pisses me off. but it's not some kind of hype, or lie being spread around. It's rancid, and you guys have a problem that you should fix, not turn a blind eye to it and say your faithful customers are out to get you and ruin your name.

GLaDOS: "You euthanised your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations!"
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