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Default Re: HOOKAH PARTY! my story

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
lol you ain't got shit on DMC's shisha kingness, even if you had vip-ness! Lots of ness going on. Either way, I will prowl on this post until DMC chimes in. This is gonna be good. DMC didn't quit being the shisha king he is just taking a break. Its like trying to replace a foreman at a quarry cause he went around the hill to go take a piss lol.
hmm very good point.
well last night we threw another hookah party at the same place haha.
it was way awesome, we smoked from like 6:30 til around 2 am. went through alot of shisha.
and right now Im thinking I have amazing luck with girls, cuz this girl at the party was chillin with me smoking and I was like hmm I could really go for a steak, and she was like yeah that sounds good. she just left. 20 minutes later comes back with two steaks and grills them. I was just like i think I love you.
wish I always had this type of luck with women
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