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Default Re: HOOKAH PARTY! my story

Originally Posted by EpsilonX View Post
hmm very good point.
well last night we threw another hookah party at the same place haha.
it was way awesome, we smoked from like 6:30 til around 2 am. went through alot of shisha.
and right now Im thinking I have amazing luck with girls, cuz this girl at the party was chillin with me smoking and I was like hmm I could really go for a steak, and she was like yeah that sounds good. she just left. 20 minutes later comes back with two steaks and grills them. I was just like i think I love you.
wish I always had this type of luck with women
I whisper something in their ear. That is how I get my womens! The was off topic, but sweet, good to know you had an awesome hookah party.
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