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Default Re: HOOKAH PARTY! my story

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
I whisper something in their ear. That is how I get my womens! The was off topic, but sweet, good to know you had an awesome hookah party.
yeah man, from all this shisha smoking my tolerance is through the roof, so one of my buddies that doesnt smoke at all said he could keep up smoking with me, he didnt smoke for more then thirty minutes before he puked.... alot.... lol
just thought that was hilarious.
but yeah we got good times, cant wait til me and my friends have an apartment. then we can really get crazy
also, the girl friend that got me the shisha is gone..... as of now. lol this new chic is totally ftw. she can cook, and smoke shisha, and be hot.
does it get any better?
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