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Talking Unwashed

I was at work today, and saw my boss setting up a hookah with nakhla tobacco (I work at a restaurant with an outdoor hookah lounge) with what was looking like he was overfilling the bowl. I thought at first he was setting it up incorrectly, but then I thought back to scoop's tangiers tutorial, which required you to "overfill" a bowl with tangiers. my mind got to thinking, and I thought that maybe you "overfill" all unwashed tobacco. Well, fast forward to this evening and I was smoking my hookah with AF Grape and I couldn't get it to stop tasting burned (still not sure why, I tried several different setups, different amount of coal, double foil, ect.) So I busted out my nakhla mint and set it up how I saw at work. It smokes like a dream, much better than when I was setting it up like washed tobaccos, much much thicker smoke, much smoother, all around better. I even had to bring out my brother to help me finish the bowl the buzz was so much more.

It got me really excited to eventually try tangiers (which will probably now be when I get paid in a few weeks) but in the meantime, does anyone have any nakhla tobacco reccomendations? Nakhla is about eight dollars a 250g at my work and we've got about a dozen flavors, so I can easly pick up a few; and for the longer term, what are everyone's tangiers reccomendations? I definately think you're talking to a future tangiers convert.

Also is it normal to have a lot of shisha stuck to the bowl? when I took off the foil, a huge chunk was stuck. Is this just because how it's packed? I just have never tried it before and was curious.
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