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thats cool they are carrying it, too bad their flavors are 20 off the current number of SB flavors but hey thats still a lot to carry. their prices are a little higher than another vendor but its not much. it would be better if they carried also 100g tins then it would be so much easier to try out new SB flavors rather than buy 250g of the stuff and find out you hate it.

x on the beach is ok at times but other times its just nasty. its like sex on the beach amazing at first then you get sand in your crack.

look into guava and white grape. guava smells so good like a real guava and tastes great. white grape is another good flavor as i said. white peach is pretty good. i have other tins but i have not tried them quite yet. i want a small funnel before i continue because i just waste too much tobacco with the medium.
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