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Default Re: Hookah foul at work

wow, we use to carry a cheap egyptian quick lite brand way back in the day. it was called el pharoah instant lite. (im pretty sure its not for sale in the u.s. anymore) 3 out of 10 coals would explode when you used them. when they didnt explode it was a great coal, but when they did it was a race to put out the pieces before they would burn through the floor. I would always use my windcover when using these coals. the windcover blocked the coal fragments from going everywhere. everytime they would explode i would hear a loud "pop" sound. we never ordered that brand again.
(yes, i continued to use the coal even though they exploded, we couldnt sell them anymore and i just coulldnt let them go to waste or throw them away)
I hope no one has to deal with exploding coal, it runins your whole hookah session, especially if the piece of coal lands in your lap, not fun at all.
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