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Default Re: perfected my fruit top bowl...

We will take some pictures of the "tools" we use for our fruit bowls when we can get a camera working. It's actually very simple if you have two simple tools for carving/cutting. First thing first is get an apple core cutting tool and core it from bottom to top, doing it from bottom to top allows the fruit to sit perfect on the hookah, next I use a cheap tablespoon and cutting/shaping the top of the fruit; use a cheap spoon cause it is thin and cuts better than the expensive thick spoons.

No knife is needed when using this method and it works perfect 100% of the time. Total cost is about $2-$3 for the apple core cutter, and maybe $0.50 for the spoon. I hope we can get pictures soon cause i see so many people using knives and having an odd shape and/or not a hole that goes all the way through making it harder to pull. Once the bowl if formed I take a small piece of aluminum foil and shape it around my finger but with little wings to sort of cover the hole so nothing falls all the way down.

worse case we will try to do a video of it on our webcam... not good quality but you'd get the idea. Welcome to the fruit bowl btw.
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