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Default Re: Ny first real SB praise

scoop, im like you, i don't care much for sb but this is now one of my favs.
1stgenrex, it doesn't stand out as most places don't carry it
mnh and larry, the peach was pretty good but iwas expecting better as i know husky and sam really praise that, the with peach was like peaches and cream,literally without the cream
And finally Sambooka, since we are way off topic on this post, have you tried the AF peach? It is def my best peach anywhere.

now back to passion kiss. I need to try it again as the tin was for someone else and now in his possession. if i had only one complaint is that it may not have lasted too long, but time was going by quickly, when i repacked the bowl the flavor came back with,well, a passion.
sb has a weird way of marketing things, they don't it's just out there, pick from their 70+ flavors at your own risk. If anything, I was able to recomend 3 last night for you.
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