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Default Re: How to put milk in the vase

Standard cow's milk, I had good luck with 2% milk. And you don't need a ton, milk has a tenancy's to bubble up and foam thru the hoses, so it should be used more on the "light" side. Depending on the size of your base, no more than 1.5-2" MAX, if not less. It's easier to add some more than have to much.

Also... expect to CLEAN the HECK out of your hookah RIGHT after you finish. DO NOT LEAVE MILK IN THE BASE! It gets nasty very, very fast! Clean the stem and base, plus I would suggest using a Washable hose so if you draw milk into it, your safe to wash it too.

Good luck! Milk can add density to the smoke, but it's easier to adjust your style and add ice to the base. But it does offer a mellow taste to some flavors (coffee).
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