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Default Re: Ordering from US + Customs

Hey - I was in the same situation as you regarding custom fees. I'm in Canada and received a package from hookah-shisha and there was $700 customs tacked on. so I sent to dispute, and no, no matter what you write, gift, value $2 or whatever, tobacco is valued by weight, and yes you will pay ALOT for it , no matter what you have written on it. They do know what shisha is , and they consider it "pipe tobacco". So they refused my dispute, I had it returned to sender, got a refund, and lost $40 in shipping fees.

Now, for your situation, you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY. Why? Because you accepted the package before they notified you of custom fees. That is not the standard of practice for any shipping company. That happened to me once and I got them to cancel it. They cannot retroactively charge you for an item unless they informed you of the customs fee. It's like going to a restaurant, paying for the meal, and a month later getting a bill for the tip. Doesn't work that way. Call the shipping company, explain, go higher and higher up the chain, and finally they will drop it, because they screwed up..

good luck and let us know how it goes!
(btw: my first post! yay)
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