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Default Re: The Windcover and You

Originally Posted by PostGymSmoker View Post
Almost forgot. Before I saw Sambookas video I used to do something similar to what the girl in the second video did but, instead of leaving it loose around the bowl I would wrap the bottom alf of the cover around the bottom of my bowl...It really helps when carpet burn marks from drunk buddies hitting your hookah becomes an issue.
GIRL?!?...... *growls*

Anyway, what size of Eygptain bowl are you using that a windcover won't fit on? I have a KM clay bowl from HC - it's HUGE, almost as large as my old Med Phunnel... and BOTH of my typical windcovers fit on them.

About making a cover out of a Monster BFC - be careful, many drinks coat the inside of the cans with varnish to prevent the liquid from eating into the metal, plus the heat may melt the paint on the outside as well. I am gonna re-try making my other windcover idea video this weekend.
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