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Default Help: Could Use tips/input about Hookahs


I bought my first hookah without using or consulting the internet. It works, but its not that great. Since I plan on picking up a new Hookah, I could use some advice.

I'm looking for a Hookah that has a nice draw, isn't too difficult to clean, and is preferably 30+ inches. From what i've read on Hookahpro or seen on youtube, KM hookahs are well liked and would seem to be the right kind of hookah, but I wouldn't know.

I've also read about "purging valves" and ice chambers, bronze cores, different types of metals, auto-sealing, and what not, but I'm not totally sure what all that does for me.

What should I be looking for, what do you guys value in a hookah and why?

Let me know, thanks. :-D
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