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Default Re: The downfalls to bringing your hookah to parties.

Originally Posted by PrinzBAM View Post
theres also the jerk that mention illegal substances in the hookah....
this is my roommate. for some reason he doesn't understand that I'm NOT going to do that under any circumstance.

Originally Posted by Malvina View Post
People trying to tell me that I don't have enough coals on the bowl (3 cocos is more than enough!)

Folks saying that their chinese hookah is better than my KM.

People trying to tell me that QLs are better than my Naturals
I also hate these people. they don't want to wait for naturals, that's their only excuse for saying QL's are better, they don't understand the construction or mechanics involved in a hookah, thus, don't understand why a KM is better than a MYA, and because they don't understand naturals, they always think there are supposed to be more coals. this is why I started smoking alone, either just me, or my girlfriend and I, occasionally another hookah smoking friend of mine. girlfriend doesn't even try to adjust anything about my rig, or mess with my KM

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