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Default Re: Multi-hose hookahs?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Don't get it. The same question was asked on another forum and the answers are going to be the same.

1-3 hoses.
Don't get a rotator unless you party with a lot of people and even then the quality is not the same
6 hoses is foolish and useless.
Consider what it takes to maintain a 6 hose hookah and how much space it takes up.
Don't get it, my question is far from the same, and you didn't even answer my question. This is the Hookah i want, and the hookah i'm going to get (maybe). I usually have a lot of friends in my apartment, and i dont want to pass the hoses to much. But thats not my question. If i smoke alone from one hose, will i need to do something with the other hoses to get smoke from one hose? I'm not thinking of buying this beacouse of the rotating, but it's the only one with six hoses. I'm not trying to be rude or anything.. And i wonder why all the reviews on is positive if it's a bad pipe.

Again, sorry if i sound rude or anything, I'm just trying to figure to go for this or not.

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